WFS moves 20 brand new FreightLiners to Zambia

Posted: 26 Apr 2016

One of WFS’s main cross border customers located in Zambia, frequently imports Freightliner CL120 trucks for their local market distribution and usage. Usually these units are in a fairly good to great condition when second-hand, however this time around the client imported 20 brand new units, causing heads to turn when they landed at Walvis Bay.

The USA made Freightliners are very popular within these regions as they specifically engineered to climb steep mountain grades in the western USA, making them ideal for the African rough terrain and roads. The Freightliner CL120 model has a luxuriously spacious cab, plenty of head-height and is equipped with all the bells and whistles truck drivers dream of. There is no other way to describe the exhaust brake on a Detroit engine except loud, very loud! It is a modern truck with a modern look and comes with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 rated at 500 hp and 2560 nm of torque, with a maximum carry capacity of 34t.

As the client is the only authorised distributor of Freightliner vehicles in Zambia, special care will be taken when the trucks are moved from quay to doorstep. Each truck costs about N$ 1,4 million and comes with a high customs bond guarantee coverage that must be managed strictly while the cargo moves through Namibia on-route to Zambia. The trucks will be driven from Walvis Bay to Lusaka in 2 convoys of 10 trucks each.

WFS is proud to be part of their supply chain!