Sulphur Bagging plant pays off

Posted: 5 Jun 2022

The drive to attract and grow bulk imports through the port of Walvis Bay is gaining momentum. Manica Group Namibia’s investment into dual ship-to-quay hopper and bagging plants is paying off as Woker Freight Services (WFS) recently handled the customs clearance of another large consignment of sulphur, imported through the port of Walvis Bay. Of this load, the bagging plant bagged about half of the sulphur into 1 tonne bags on the quayside.

The bagged sulphur will eventually be delivered to Zambia’s Copperbelt mines where it is used as part of the leaching process. This is by far the largest bulk-to-bag operation in the port since WFS started providing this service two years ago.┬áThe remaining sulphur is destined for a local mine in Nambia. The sulphur was shipped with the bulk carrier vessel, MV Maina.

WFS also handled the importation of a 10,122 tonnes sulphur recently, bringing the total sulphur handled through the ship-to-quay hopper and bagging plant 120,000 tonnes. The bagging plant outputs roughly 3,000 bags per day, making it a highly efficient operation as well as reducing the vessel turnaround time.

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