Repair Process

What is a Repair Process?

Companies with large mechanical assests, ie mining dump truck, often have to send such equipment or vehicles to South Africa or other countries to have it repaired, as there may not always be local expertise to deal with the repairs. However taking equipment across the border and bringing it back after reapirs, is not as simple as it sounds. This is where Customs regulations on imports and exports comes into play.

Goods of value (in this case the broken equipment) are being expatriated and re-imported later on. So the WFS Repair Process is an efficient temporary export process of these goods to ensure clients don't have to deal with complex paper-work and intricate export and import processes involved.

WFS makes the process of temporary exports and imports for equipment repair purposes a breeze, by:
  • Handling the entire Customs, VAT and clearances procedures.
  • Making Provisional payments for the Customs clearance process before export.
  • Assisting in the Claim back process for repairs if equipment returns or is scrapped.
  • Arranging for extensions to minimize penalties.
  • Ensuring strict control over the entire process (admin, documentation).
  • Arranging transport, collection, warehousing, distribution, packaging (consolidation) purposes for South Africa.

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How it works, step by step

  1. Customer notifies WFS of a repair collection or delivery.
  2. WFS opens a shipment file and collection arranged if not delivered by Customer.
  3. Consolidated cargo is sent to Johannesburg or Cape Town for further distribution.
  4. Woker Freight Services prepares the necessary export documents for the temporary export process.
  5. Customs processes the Temporary Export entry and verifies with a physical inspection at the exit border.
  6. WFS co-ordinates South African Temporary Import process, including payments.
  7. Customs entry is finalized and documents sent to WFS.
  8. WFS co-ordinates and requests extensions with the Agent and/or SARS.
  9. Customer co-ordinates with Consignee if items must be repaired or scrapped and informs WFS.
  10. WFS arranges collection or destruction and transport back to Namibia. Delivery to or collection by the customer as per instructions.
  11. WFS assists with the refund process for the Customer and keeps record for 5 years.
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