IEILE – 2023-07-10 – Aidan Harrington

Posted: 10 Jul 2023

My name is Aidan Harrington and I work for HJ3 Composite Technologies. We currently have four small shipments that are going to be going to South Africa. We are going to be needing a forwarder to collect the shipments as one, in South Africa and transport by ground to Karibib, Namibia.
the total shipment consists of 4 standard pallets 48″x40″x50″ each weighing Approximately 310 LBS per pallet or a total weight of 1240 LBS.

The commodities being transported are epoxy resins non Hazmat along with UN2735 AMINES Liquid Corrosive .N.O.S.(TRIETHYlENETETRAMINE). Each pallet contains 18.93 L of UN2735 to comply with IATA Regulations. For any questions Please reach out to me here.

Thank You,
Aidan H