– 2024-02-26 – Mourad Abid

Posted: 26 Feb 2024

Hi All,

I am reaching out to request a quotation for the shipping of soil samples with the inclusion of dry ice. Below are the details necessary for an accurate quote:

– Nature of Goods: Soil Samples in bagged in 95KPA specimen bags
– Packaging Details:
– Individual Bag Size: 680 cm³
– Total Number of Bags: 72
– Combined Volume of Bags: 48.96 Liters
– Required Shipping Solution: 56L Dry Ice Shipper, including the supply of dry ice and a data logger for temperature monitoring throughout transit.
– Collection & Delivery: We require a door-to-door service from Namibia to the UK, ensuring the samples are maintained at the correct temperatures throughout their journey.

Please include in your quote:

– The total cost of shipping, including the dry ice shipper, dry ice supply, and data logger.
– Estimated transit time.
– Any additional charges that may apply, including customs clearance and handling fees.

We are looking for the most efficient and reliable solution to ensure the integrity of these samples upon arrival. Your prompt response with a detailed quotation would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,