Brand New Shipping Service launched

Posted: 9 Aug 2018

Ecuworldwide Namibia is pleased to announce a new direct shipping service between Shanghai and Walvis Bay. This shipping service is focused on non-hazardous less than container load (LCL) cargo between China and Namibia. This means businesses or people wishing to import goods from China can now do so in smaller quantities, instead of having to fill a whole container.

According to the local Ecuworldwide Business Development officer, Monique Marais, the new direct Shanghai to Walvis Bay service is a first for Namibia and will make shipping easier and hassle-free. “It’s a direct service with no double handling. So clients immediately enjoy better rates and peace of mind that we are in full control of the shipment until it is delivered to you. We are especially eager to assist businesses, freight forwarders who often import smaller palette or boxed goods from China. Now there is an easier and cost-effective way of doing so. We take care of everything; all the paperwork, customs clearances and delivery right to your doorstep,” she added.

“We do LCL cargo to anywhere in the world, and we will help you package a cost effective solution to ship smaller parcels more regularly. We are especially geared for the mining, industrial, construction, retail, energy, infrastructure development and agricultural sectors that may need to have smaller goods delivered within the shortest time frame at affordable rates. That’s why people don’t say they ‘ship it’. They say they ‘Ecu it’!”

Ecuworldwide was founded in 1987 and has become one of the major international players in multi-modal transport. As a neutral non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), Ecuworldwide has offices in more than 300 countries, 8,500 team members globally, more than 530 destinations and boasts more than 2,400 direct export tradelines worldwide not to mention the 31,034 port pair possibilities available.

A NVOCC operator is able to manage and arrange shipments for individuals, corporations and freight forwarders to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution. In short a door-to-door service. In this respect, Ecuworldwide has established itself as one of the global leaders in providing LCL services in this industry. Over the past three decades the company has focused on creating innovative and technology driven solutions to move shipments anywhere across the globe.

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