Woker Freight Services has handled every imaginable type of cargo or commodity to and from ever where on the planet. Some of the main industries that WFS provides logistics services for include:

  • Retail and wholesalers (FMCG).
  • Mining, Energy, Exploration, Off-shore Oil and Gas.
  • Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Large scale infrastructure development.
  • Fishing, Agriculture, Medical, Pharmaceutical.
  • Relocations.

WFS also boasts an extensive portfolio of importing and exporting various types of cargo. From moving the largest trucks and tyres in the world, to enormous processing plant pieces, hazardous chemicals, time critical medicines to relocating personal effects…we’ve handled it all!

Each type of cargo comes with it’s own challenges and requirements. We take care of all these requirements from special permits, fumigation, controlled temperatures, specialised packaging, safety reports to insurance.
Our experience of handling, clearing, storing and transporting cargo includes:

  • Containerised, bagged, palletised commodities
  • Heavy mining equipment and tools
  • Earthmoving vehicles, equipment and spare parts
  • Exploration equipment and parts
  • Chemicals (used in mining)
  • Ore minerals (copper, zinc, iron, manganese, uranium etc.)
  • Vehicles, IT, dry and perishable food stuffs
  • Building material
  • Raw and manufactured products (cement, granite)
  • Hunting trophies, wildlife relocation
  • Sensitive and hazardous material
  • Project consignments
  • Medical equipment & Pharmaceuticals
  • Film equipment