A record number of wagons

Posted: 8 Aug 2016

WFS handled the import clearance of 90 chemical train wagons last week. This record number of wagon were shipped from China on board the vessel, the Northern Lighthouse. The total value of these wagons amount to NAD 105,901,121 and some 1,801 tons was offloaded gingerly and not without some pushing and pulling onto the quayside rail tracks. The purple wagons are destined for Windhoek and for now are waiting on the tracks in the Transnamib yard in Walvis Bay.

Servaas de Villiers and Lucky Shitatu said this shipment went quite smoothly. “The port only allows this type of cargo to be offloaded during daylight. We expected to offload all 90 wagons within two to three days, but managed to do so within two days. This was a big shipment and with each bulk import of this nature we often learn a few valuable lessons. In this case we realised that being proactive goes along way in avoiding any hiccups or last-minute issues to sort out. We didn’t want to leave things to chance or assume the normal things would be in place, so we did all the necessary arranged before the vessel arrived. We also stay in constant communication with the client about the rates, documents required and the offloading status.”

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